Kira Shayde, Author of Paranormal Romance

Welcome to my world of animal magnetism and intrigue.

About Kira

Kira ShaydeKira Shayde is a paranormal romance author who favors shapeshifters, demons, mythological gods, and the fae. She explores somewhat atypical pairings and settings and can’t help adding a twinge of societal awareness to her works, but the focus is always on the developing romance, passion, and happy endings. While some of her books are erotic romances, you won’t find any hard-core BDSM. Kira prefers the hero and heroine to share the power and share the love. On a personal level, she’s devoted to animal and ecological conservation…and devil’s food cake.

Kira is currently working on Cool Blue Desire, the third book in her Primal Shifters series, and Ancient Bond, the second book in her Followers series.


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